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We survived the winter vortex.

We did it folks, we survived the winter vortex. This past winter (2018-2019) surely was not an easy one for anyone. First it snows, then it sleets, then the roads turn too ice and before you know it... it’s -50 degrees out side. Winter is nothing new for us, but yet when you have winters like we did in 2018-2019 it makes you wonder... would life be better in a warmer climate?

Everyone has their own preferences, but here are some reasons Wisconsin is the best state too live in, even though we have to deal with winter!

1. We’ll start off this list with CHEESE! You’ve heard about it, we’ve all heard about it. In Wisconsin, it’s safe to say that cheese is offered almost everywhere. Want it fried? Done.  How about squeaky? Sure. Need it sharp? Easy! Cheese the way you want it is here.

2. Up North. Let’s make this clear, there are few things better than going up north for the weekend. Whether that means camping, a cottage on a lake, or a rustic cabin deep in the woods, Wisconsinites know that up north is a great place to be.

3. Winter. Now, you might think snow and ice and slippery roads and frozen fingers and toes sound horrible… but then again, without those things you can’t enjoy some sledding, skiing, and hot chocolate. Snowmen and snowball fights and truly gorgeous white Christmases. There are definitely things to love about the winter months.

4. The smell of Spring. Don’t get us wrong, winter can be wonderful. However, the moment that grass starts perking up, or you catch a whiff of that spring time air, it is really quite exciting.

5. Concerts! In the summer there are some really great concerts to go to. Whether you attend Summerfest, Country USA, Lifest, or Rock on the River, there are plenty of fantastic options. Those who enjoy music will find something to be excited for in Wisconsin.

6. Hot Summer Weather. You are sick of being chilly in the winter, well get excited for Wisconsin summers. They are comfortably hot, and a little on the humid side. It’s perfect for growing crops, weekends swimming on the beach of Lake Michigan or one of the thousands of lakes scattered throughout the state. Swim, fish, eat, sleep, repeat.

7. Football. It’s pretty generally acknowledged that the Green Bay Packers have some of the best fans. Getting involved in the excitement of football season is easy to do in Wisconsin. We love our Packers.

8. Midwestern Politeness. Do you live in a big city or somewhere outside the Midwest? Welcome to Wisconsin where strangers say hello on the street and most people are incredibly polite. Heck, we say sorry when we almost bump into someone!

9. Gorgeous scenery. If you haven’t driven through the country in Wisconsin during the peak fall season, then you haven’t lived. Not really. But it’s really beautiful. Wisconsin is full of trees that turn bright and vivid colors every year.


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