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Move Over. Slow Down.

We still have not learned. Working on Madison's famous "belt line" highway is a danger every time. Being one one of the most dangerous roads in the state, based on speed, lack of enforcement, and also lack of a safe shoulder... our drivers understand working on this highway is no joke.

On December 16th, 2018 a nightmare came true. Truck 9808 was hit by a drunk driver on the freeway. Video footage is attached.

State law requires drivers traveling in the same direction and approaching an authorized emergency vehicle or roadside service vehicle, including a tow truck, that is displaying flashing lights and parked or standing on or within 12 feet of a roadway, to vacate the lane closest to the stationary vehicle, if safe to do so, or reduce speed. Also included in the law are utility vehicles and road maintenance vehicles.

With that being said, we need to better enforce. Finish Line Towing will no longer be doing belt line calls with out the assistance of an office close by.

Please, remember... SLOW DOWN, MOVE OVER


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